Digital Business Ecosystems

promote new and evolved e-business models, on the basis of enabling a dynamic collaborative environment for its participants. Developments in this field address the realisation that businesses are increasingly dependent on collaborative IT technologies as a source of innovation and sustainable competitive advantage, while IT is broadly viewed at a higher level of consideration so as to effectively be aligned with the business needs. The basic tenants include self-organization, discovery, co-evolution, collaboration and adaptation.

Platform & Applications

Inlecom’s Business Ecosystems Platform (i-BEP) utilises leading edge technologies developed over the last decade, with the end goal of providing business communities a digital platform and ecosystem that supports and enables conventional and next generation collaborative business applications.

Assets Sharing

The platform enables resources to be shared in real time within the business, as well as in B2B and B2C contexts (ontologies, services, APIs, data). i-BEP comprises ‘out of the box’ feature rich technologies that enable businesses and communities to create and maintain innovative collaborative environments.

Community Nodes

These environments are build and deployed as Inlecom Community Nodes (ICNs) and populated by “digital artefacts” which can include software components, digital libraries, software applications, software services, as well as associated providers and consumers.

Focused Consultancy Services

Our full-service consultancy team helps our clients to set up and evolve their digital business ecosystems,
capitilizing on the capabilities of our platform.

Our approach

Key features

Reference Models

Built-in reasoning capability is powered by an extensive library of reference Collaborative Business Models (CBMs).

Predictive Analytics

Reference models are linked to big-data predictive analytics models, enabling goal-driven operations optimisation.


Automated generation and processing of event based queries invoke the necessary system components and functions required by the CBMs.


Intelligent ICN delivery technology enables business communities to rapidly build and deploy their own collaborative applications and services, respective to their business needs and business relationships.


The platform architecture is scalable, supporting increased workloads on-demand and thus allowing the growth of the business ecosystems without hardware and management burdens.


Inlecom Community Nodes (ICN) automation capabilities provide to users a high level of autonomy and low total cost of ownership.

Inlemar Case Study - Addressing the needs of the maritime sector

Shipping is being integrated in the broader multimodal transport driven by the increasing and varied demands of shippers and customers and the rapidly changing role of ports in the context of supply and logistics chains. Inlemar is designed to support maritime stakeholders to embrace digital transformation.

“Ecosystems are the future of digital.”

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